Welcome to the Quan Yin facial Youth and Beauty web site. It is our sincere desire to enlighten you as to the many benefits of this unique facial beauty program and that you will embark upon a journey that will restore and maintain the healthy and youthful appearance you so richly deserve.

We chose the name "Quan Yin" as she is the Oriental deity of mercy that is known to represent softness,femininity and beauty for all who attend her.

Ancient Oriental secrets of youth and beauty combined with present day technology can help you look years younger. You will see wrinkles and unsightly lines disappear and skin restore its tone, color and texture with our unique program.

Just imagine a healthy and youthful glow that will make heads turn and remarks such as "you look so much younger" and "how do you maintain such lovely skin", become commonplace.

The combination of original and unique procedures used in the "Quan Yin facial rejuvenation program" get real results. Results that last and you can count on. That's because it is individually designed to suit your particular skin type, condition and desired level of improvement.

The many benefits are:

To achieve these results we incorporate the use of the following:

Laser light Therapy

Laser skin tightening is an advanced wrinkle removal treatment that uses infrared light to tighten the skin without surgery. The laser light delivers heat and energy beneath the skins surface, penetrating each cell, stimulating detoxification, increasing cellular vitality and collagen production. Low level laser light has remarkable healing and vitalizing properties. The results are younger, smoother skin.

There is no burning or destruction of skin cells of any kind at all. There is no discomfort. Most clients feel very little or no sensation whatsoever as the light beam is skillfully cast over the indicated areas of the face. Yet the positive results are often immediately visible to the client.

Micro-current Therapy

Micro-current therapy has been skillfully used by Acupuncture Physicians for quite some time to bring about a high degree of health and improvement for many conditions. It is often used in place of needle therapy. Mild electrical stimulation can barely be felt as the current is at a frequency that is barely detectable. Thus the name"micro-current". However the micro current is able to penetrate into and through the facial acupuncture points bringing and inflow of energetic current that causes a positive chemical reaction at the cellular level. A variety of benefits are achieved including improved muscle tone in face an neck, a reduction of lines and wrinkles, skin exfoliation and improved circulation. The results being a more firm and youthful appearance to the skin. Again, results are often immediately visible even after one treatment.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound waves cannot be felt or seen. The waves range from 1 to 3 megahertz. The action on the skin tissue is like a massage. We call it a micro-massage. It's like one million vibrations penetrating into your skin cells at the same time. It can be called a "fitness program" for the skin. We lose about 1% of collagen a year as we age and the ability to repair this becomes more difficult.

Ultrasound stimulation therapy is effective in initiating the development of collagen, promotes cellular detoxification and the metabolism of molecular nutrients by the cells.

These three technologies, when properly applied by a trained expert, provide enormous benefit that allow you skin to be treated the way it wants and needs to be In combination with the proper nutrients for internal delivery to the skins deeper layers of the elements needed to regain and restore health and vitality, the results can be amazing.

Beauty is a bi-product of "GOOD HEALTH"

Health is expressed through "vitality". The vitality we feel as an active person in our daily life is an expression of the vitality we maintain in each of the cells of our body. It all begins there. Each one of the trillions of cells that make up our body, is a little factory that produces energy. The energy that we need to function. This energy must be at a certain level for us to feel good, ward of disease, be strong and healthy, and maintain all of our body functions. We use the term "cellular vitality" to describe this.

Vitality is drained from us each day, continually from our modern pace of living and the normal aging process as well as various environmental factors.

The Quan Yin Facial Youth and Beauty Program" aims to restore and provide healthy skin by restoring "cellular vitality"

A necessary and vital part of our total program is not only what we are doing to the "outside" of the body ( skin surface) but also what we achieve by taking measure to effect what goes on "inside " the body.

We offer a specially designed nutrient package that is specific to skin care. It is unavailable anywhere else in this form and will more than "DOUBLE" the quality of the results of our program.

The nutrients we recommend and provide literally "feed" the skin cells the nutrients they must have to be fully functioning. They also help to "detoxify" the cells of the unwanted 'rubbish" that is residing therein.

Hydration of these cells is paramount and cannot be achieved from the surface alone but must be served from the inside via blood circulation. Thus our program is "total", addressing the problem from the surface and the interior. As a consequence our results are beyond those of other programs.

Don't Wait, Do it now

A series of treatments can be done in a few weeks with sessions schedules two or three times a week for several weeks.

Treatments are completely painless, comfortable and non invasive. Clients find them to be relaxing, refreshing and a pleasant experience.

Cost, compared to other programs is very reasonable and a very good value. Yet results are amazing and lasting.

We believe that this is a viable alternative to facial surgery with outstanding results

Take advantage of this rare and unique opportunity to look and feel tears younger with the best and most complete facial rejuvenation program ever created. You won't regret it. Contact us today!